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Ku i ka mana

(Be upright in spirit)

H u l a  K a h i k o


Ancient hula (Hula Kahiko), often defined as hulas composed prior to 1893 which utilize instruments including the ipu heke, pa’u drum and other ancient Hawaiian apparati, encompassed a diverse variety of styles and moods to praise and honor the Gods, Goddesses, chiefs and places or for record keeping of history through the oral traditions.




Kahiko (ancient hula) is a record and reflection of the times it is created in, and the kahiko that we look upon as traditional today was considered contemporary one hundred years ago. Today is a part of life and a part of history and in a hundred years it will be considered traditional kahiko. Sometimes everyone forgets what the hula is all about. I’ve forgotten many times what it really means but as you get older you find that it’s real and it’s there. The spirit of the kupuna will always be there.

-Kumu Hula Maiki Aiu Lake

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