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Competition Awards


E HULA MAU® 2014

  • Mākuahine Soloist - 1st Place

  • Mākuahine Group - 1st Place

  • Maiki Aiu Lake Award - Highest Points, Group Mākuahine ʻAuana

  • Kāne Kahiko Group - 2nd Place

  • Kāne ʻAuana Group - 2nd Place


E HULA MAU® 2015

  • ʻOli Soloist - 3rd Place

  • Mākuahine Group - 2nd Placei ʻ


E HULA MAU® 2016

  • Wāhine ʻAuana Group - 3rd Place


Hālau Awards


Freida Haʻilauʻaʻala Moser Perpetual Award

Awarded to the haumāna(s) whom best exemplifies the qualities that  of an ideal student including (but not limited to) diligence, kindness, charity, dedication and aloha.

  • Freida Haʻilauʻaʻala (2016)

  • The Weaver Ohana (2017)

  • Kika Victoria (2018)

  • The Adachi ʻOhana (2019)


Connor Ikaikakanaʻilani McPherson Higher Education Award

To encourage higher education (post high school), this scholarship is awarded to haumāna that have danced since their keiki years, graduate from high school with a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of  3.80, attend a four (4) years institution post high school as a full-time student and maintain a minimum collegiate GPA of 3.75.  Award includes $500 yearly scholarship (for 4 years) and free hula tuition (for 4 years) as long as the student maintains the requirements.

  • Connor Ikaikakanaʻilani  McPherson (2018)

"Uʻi maoli nō!" - Iwalani Kalima, Hula Judge (EHM 2014)


"Maikaʻi" - Manu Boyd, Language Judge (EHM 2014)


""Truly a joy to watch" - Kalihwa Chow, Rule Verifier (EHM 2014)



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